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Treatment Session-Related Costs

Treatment Session-Related Costs (From 21/6/2021) 

Adaptive Strategies has always been mindful of costs to our clients and have always tried to keep fees low while providing them with the best care. 

After much consideration, a lengthy period of not raising our fees and due to the increase in costs to continue to do business we will be raising our fees effective on 21 June 2021

The 2020-2021 Australian Psychological Society (APS) Recommended Schedule of fees has set the standard 45-60 minute consultation fee at $260. See APS recommend schedule of fees.

However, in line with our commitment to providing accessible care we made the decision to set our fees below the recommended rate.   

It is important that you know the type of referral you have received from your GP. Different referral types have different fee and remuneration structures. Please be sure you know the type of referral you have PRIOR to attendance at our clinic so as to not be surprised by any potential out-of-pocket expenses you may incur.  

Better Access / Medicare Mental Health Care Plan Referral  

  • Individuals seeing a Clinical Psychologist: 
    • $200 – per session 
    • Medicare Rebate: $128.40* 
    • Out of Pocket $71.60 
  • Individuals seeing a General Psychologist
    • $180- per session 
    • Medicare Rebate: $87.45* 
    • Out of Pocket $92.55 

Connect to Wellbeing / Stepped Care Referral 

Sessions for clients referred by their GP via a Connect to Wellbeing / Stepped Care referral do not incur session fees or out of pocket expenses.  

NDIS Referral 

NDIS participants who are plan-managed or self-managed can seek Psychological Therapy provision from Adaptive Strategies Psychologists. NDIS participants are reviewed individually with service plans written to suit the individual’s needs and therapy goals.  A plan, together with the appropriate fees will be provided in consultation with the individual (and their carer if applicable). 

WorkCover Referral 

WorkCover Queensland regularly makes referrals to Adaptive Strategies for treatment of individuals who have made a psychological injury claim arising from a workplace incident. Where pre-arrangements are made with and approved by WorkCover, client session costs are most often met by WorkCover without any requirement for payment by the client. Where no such prearrangements are made or approved, the client will be required to pay for the full treatment session fee and then seek renumeration from WorkCover. 

See https://www.worksafe.qld.gov.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0019/18055/psychology-table-of-costs.pdf for a schedule of payable psychological service provision costs for Workcover clients.  

Cancellation Policy 

Late cancellation of and/or a failure to attend therapy is a loss to three people.  

  1. The client who is delaying their therapy progress. 
  2. Another client who is on our wait list hoping to see a psychologist as soon as possible.  
  3. The Psychologist who spent time preparing the treatment session for the client.  

The APS recommended cancellation/did not attend fee structure is as follows:   

  • 0-24 hours notice: Full fee.  
  • 24-48 hours notice: 50% of fee.  
  • 48hrs – 7 days notice: 25% of fee.  

Adaptive Strategies late cancellation and/or failure to attend policy: 

It is the responsibility of the client to know their treatment session appointment times. Adaptive Strategies nevertheless sends reminder text messages to clients 2 business days out from their booked appointment time.  

To prevent the application of cancellation/non-attendance fees or processes to referred clients, Adaptive Strategies requires a minimum of 2 Business Days notice to reschedule or cancel a treatment session. 

  • Where 24-48 hrs notice of cancellation is given by the client or their representative, the client will be charged 25% of the session fee. 
  • Where 12-24 hrs notice of cancellation is given by the client or their representative, the client will be charged 50% of the session fee.  
  • Where a cancellation occurs on the day of the session or when a client simply fails to attend the scheduled session, the client will be charged the FULL session fee.  

*Treatment for any client referred under Connect to Wellbeing / Stepped care referral pathway (i.e., those who receive a 100% fee concession from Government) will be terminated and their referral sent back to the referring GP after a second late cancellation or failure to attend during the currency of that referral. * 

We understand that sometimes a client may be unable to keep a scheduled appointment because of sudden illness or an unexpected personal emergency. If this happens to you, please contact us as soon as possible to explain the situation. You may call our office at any time, even after hours, as we do have an answering service that allows you to leave a message.