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Psychological Assessment

A number of highly skilled psychologists are available at Adaptive Strategies to conduct assessments on children, adolescents, and adults.

We specialise in assessing Neurodevelopmental Disorders such as Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorders (ADHD) and Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). Nevertheless, we also conduct assessments relating to Psychological Disorders, Cognitive Ability, Adaptive Behaviour/Functional Capacity, and Personality Disorders. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

I have been referred to you by my GP (on a Mental Health Care Treatment Plan)- Can I receive a rebate or subsidy for assessment costs?

Unfortunately, assessment costs are not eligible to be subsidised by virtue of a Mental Health Treatment Plan. It is worth noting however, that some private health funds may provide such subsidies.

Can I use NDIS funding to pay for the Assessment?

It is a general rule that NDIS funding cannot be used to pay for assessments. An NDIS participant requiring an assessment should therefore contact their plan manager and/or the NDIA to confirm whether their NDIS funding can be used to pay for an assessment.

Do I need a referral?

An assessment does not require a formal referral.

How much does an assessment cost?

The cost of an assessment depends on a number of factors. As a guide, a comprehensive assessment will cost you about $1500 to $2100, while a screening assessment will cost you around $500.

Why is it so expensive?

There are many assessment protocols that stipulate that certain assessment tools should not be administered again for several years. It is therefore extremely important that assessments are conducted as accurately and thoroughly as possible. Assessment tools are extremely expensive for psychologists to purchase. In addition, developing competence in applying assessment tools takes a psychologist a great deal of time and effort. Psychologists spend many hours with their clients’ conducting intakes, administering assessment tools, and providing feedback. However, they usually invest even more time in assessment-related activities outside of appointments. It is also necessary for them to consider and plan for your assessment, speak with others to gain more information (such as school, teachers), score and interpret the results, and write a comprehensive report based on those results.

How long will the assessment take?

The number of assessment sessions and their length will depend on the extent of your assessment needs. Some assessments may take several hours spread across several assessment appointments. Other assessments may require additional or longer sessions to complete a comprehensive assessment of all relevant abilities. As a whole, it may take several months from the start of an assessment to the completion of the report and the provision of feedback.

When can we start?

Unfortunately, our assessment waitlist is extensive. A wait time of four to six months (or possibly more) should be expected prior to any assessment being commenced.


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