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We Help Organisations Care for Staff (EAP)

Adaptive Strategies Company Director, Clinical Psychologist Dr Corey Lane, has extensive experience in providing EAP services, Manager Assist and Critical Incident Response both in Australia and abroad. Under his leadership, Adaptive Strategies North Queensland has been providing quality EAP services to hard-working employees of a variety of organisations operating in and around the Whitsundays region for nearly 5 years.

An EAP (Employee Assistance Program) is a voluntary and confidential service funded by employers, aimed at providing counselling to employees and, in most cases, their family members (dependants), about issues that affect staff well-being and/or performance. 

An employer who provides an effective EAP can help both the organisation and its employees by lowering risk and liability, improving employee satisfaction and decreasing the stress that managers and supervisors experience when managing their numerous responsibilities.

Adaptive Strategies can provide Counselling Services (both Telehealth and/or face-to-face at our Bowen Clinic) and other services including Workplace Mediation, Resilience Training, Workplace Training, Psychological First Aid Training, Manager Assist, and Rapid/Critical Incident Response.


1.        The organisation chooses a plan that suits its needs.

2.       The organisation is then provided with a dedicated Helpline Number, as well as promotional material including a staff information flyer, and wellness posters. 

3.       The employee, where the need exists, can access EAP Assist via the dedicated Helpline Number 0416-028-327 (or 0416-028-EAP), email (eap@adaptivestrategies.com.au)

4.       The counsellor will respond to the employee as soon as possible, to discuss the issues of concern, provide or arrange necessary confidential counselling, support, and/or advice.

Adaptive Strategies is eager to help provide EAP services to your organisation. It may be that your organisation already funds an EAP service. If this is the case, you organization should be congratulated for supporting the provision of that service to your employees. In those circumstances however may we ask that you consider us as a future EAP provider for your organisation if your current provider contract is coming to an end.